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Erectile dysfunction, or impotence (from Latin impotens - powerless) is an integral part of the problem of sexual dysfunctions, the persisting inability to achieve and maintain an erection at the level necessary to ensure a full sexual intercourse.

Erection (from Lat. Erectio - to straighten) is a neurovascular process that is directly related to the magnitude of blood pressure inside the cavernous (cavernous) bodies of the penis. During sexual stimulation, biologically active substances (mainly nitric oxide) are released from the nerve endings, which relax the smooth muscles of the cavernous bodies of the penis, as well as the muscles of the arteries.

This leads to vasodilation, increased blood flow in the penis, expansion and filling of the cavernous spaces with blood. At the same time, the veins that perforate the tunica albuginea of ​​the cavernous bodies of the penis narrow, and passive venous outflow is hampered.

Squats are considered the most effective exercise for strengthening erection; it is recommended to perform 50-100 squats a day. Filling the cave with bloodpenile corpuscles and veno-occlusion lead to an erection.

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During intercourse, this state of the vessels remains, the inflow and outflow of blood stops, intracavernous pressure rises. There is an increase in the volume of the penis and a further increase in erection.

According to the WHO, about 160 million men worldwide suffer from erectile dysfunction. Every tenth man over 21 suffers from erectile dysfunction, about 50% of men over 40 experience various difficulties associated with erectile dysfunction, every third man over 60 is not able to perform sexual intercourse.

Erectile problems over a prolonged period (3–6 months) are grounds for suggesting erectile dysfunction.


According to the etiological factor, the following types of erectile dysfunction are distinguished:



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